N26 is a bank that exists only on your phone.

Not one physical location. Just an app.

Founded in Germany in 2013, N26 spread to millions of customers in Europe, and is now extending its reach to North America.


The world has changed a lot.

But unfortunately the banks haven't. While they do all have functioning apps for mobile banking, the traditional banks in North America are all stuck decades in the past. 

Though we don't realize it, we no longer have a need for a traditional bank. 

What we are looking for is an entirely new type of bank. A bank that makes use of the mobile technology that is available today.


The Bank of Tomorrow, Reflecting Today


Out of Home

The best way to get people to see your ad?

Make it almost impossible to read. 

(And give them $5 for signing up with you)

People can place their phones on NFC enabled stands, which will open the phone's camera, and reflect the ad, to make it readable. 

These executions will be placed in areas where traditional banks are located.

By getting people to look at our ad on their phones,

we can give them a direct call to action to download our app right then and there, and get 5$ from us.



Pretty hard to miss. I hope



An experiential stunt that'll look more like the end of a heist movie than an ad for a bank.

Falling From the Sky

On a sunny day, in a crowded place like Yonge and Dundas or the TD Dominion Plaza at lunchtime; we're going to drop thousands of dollars worth of 'Free Money' from the sky onto the people below.

Of course, it'll only just barely look like money, but it'll be convincing enough as it falls down to earth, and will be strange enough for people to pick it up.

When they pick it up, they'll see our ad, and of course, we will deliver on our promise, and they can use these bills to get the corresponding value of the money in their account when they sign up with us.


Subway Takeover

An unignorable way to catch people on their way to work, and make them think about why they're still banking in the past, 

when they're living in today.

A print ad that won't let you miss it


Corporate Social Responsibility

An initiative that aims to solve two issues that are topical, and equally relevant to the brand and the consumer.


People love merch.

Most banks don't have merch. 

Going off this, I wanted to create a desirable item of merchandise that people might actually want to wear, that could also be an engaging component of the campaign.

By sending this shirt out to influencers, and paying them to post for us, we can target our demographic directly.

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