A campaign that starts blind; 

without revealing who or what the ads are for, we will slowly get our target's attention, 

and once they're reeled in, we begin engaging with them in meaningful ways.



YouTube Midroll

A quick ad that will appear in the middle or before YouTube videos. 

specifically placed on videos related to art in any way


To keep people guessing, this is all they will be able to find online, should they be curious enough to do some Googling.



Instead of saying what isn't art, we'll now be showing how anything can be art.


The Thinking

A quick look at the target, problem and the insight;

why a campaign like this is right for Canon.

The Target

Young people, 16-25

People with a budding interest in photography, and a passion for creatvitiy.

People this age tend to be strongly opinionated, and curious.

At the start they’ll either strongly agree with us or strongly disagree with us.

The Problem

Canon is losing traction in the photography community.

Their competitors have better technology and are outpacing Canon.

Canon can’t win on tech alone, it has to leverage the brand equity it already has, 

in a new and engaging way.

The Insight

As technology evolves, so does art.

Photography democratizes art. 

With the skilled use of a camera, you can turn anything into art.

Using Format